Whole 30 Day 8

Down 6 ounces today.

Breakfast: coffee with unsweet coconut milk, scrambled eggs

Snack: Lara bar. Yes I did it even though I said I wouldn’t eat packaged foods. I was starving out shopping and it only has compliant ingredients so I did it. Delicious!

Lunch: Grain free “oatmeal”. I love this recipe! I use unsweetened coconut milk instead of almond milk though.

Snack: Unsweetened applesauce! I never knew that was compliant and I’m happy to have a quick snack option. Although W30 recommends “mini meals” rather than snacks, like protein! But sometimes I need something quick on the fly!

Dinner: Made this chicken recipe! It was really good. The kids ate it over rice. I’m not a huge chicken person, but the sauce was amazing!

Went to Wegmans and Costco today and got everything I needed! Almond butter at Costco, so much cheaper and no sugar! Also got stuff to make homemade W30 bbq sauce for some pork. And LOTS of fruits and veggies! Feeling tired tonight but no headaches this time yay!

Not my picture
Grain free “oatmeal”
Best deal and so good! Finally got to Costco today!

Whole 30 Day 7

Dance competition again today so I didn’t have time to really cook. Gained 9 ounces. Not worried about the gaining at all because I’ve done this before and I promise, it will all come off!

Breakfast: smoothie with almond butter, coffee with unsweetened coconut milk

Lunch: almonds. I know, this is NOT ok. I bought the kids pizza at the concession stand and the last banana was bought by a friend lol. I just ate the almonds I brought and drank water. Oddly, I wasn’t really hungry. But still not healthy eating!

Came home and walked around the kitchen looking at my options. Out of apples, out of almond butter, nothing looked good, so I gave up.

Dinner: leftover cauliflower fried rice, tonight I added some hot sauce (I found some without sugar!). I was just in the mood for it, I started loving hot sauce like a year ago and I’m obsessed now.

Snack: smoothie with one banana, frozen fruit, and unsweet coco milk

Hitting Wegmans tomorrow to restock food!

No sugar!

Whole 30 Day 6

Posting this late again. Haven’t been on my computer much this weekend!

Day 6. Gained 3 ounces from yesterday. I had my smoothie for breakfast but I added a spoonful of almond butter and that was so good! I knew I needed to be full for the dance competition but there wasn’t time to cook. Bitter coffee as well.

Lunch: came home and ate fruit and almond butter, I’m getting burned out on this and need to cut back my fruit intake

Dinner: Made homemade cauliflower fried rice! I use Nom Nom Paleo’s recipe and I usually tweak it as I like. This time I used what I had in my house so I added onion, mushroom, and zucchini, all chopped in my beloved Ninja that my fiancé bought me! Love that thing almost as much as the fiancé. Then added steak and skipped the bacon. Used my coconut aminos as I would soy sauce and skipped the Red Boat Fish Sauce, I just can’t get on board with that stuff. It was a hearty, delicious dinner!

Whole 30 Day 5

Writing this a little late so here’s how yesterday went:

Breakfast: Bitter coffee, usual smoothie. Then went to volunteer appreciation breakfast at the elementary school where they made us amazing breakfast… I had fruit. Ouch. But it was ok, the only things that really called to me were the egg casseroles, but I didn’t have any because I’m sure they had milk and/or cheese in them.

Lunch: SUSHI!!!!!!! Took our friend out to lunch and Miso and I had to ask a million questions, but I got the Tuna Rollover roll, which has tuna, salmon, and avocado. They didn’t put the sauce on or the seaweed salad because of soy sauce, but I brought my bottle of coconut aminos and omg, it was SO GOOD! My friend didn’t like it, but when you are on W30 your tastebuds are so different. It was the perfect substitute for soy sauce and I will now use it all the time in cooking/eating!

Dinner: Went out again because I had a date night with one of my BFFs so we went to Firebirds because I knew I could get a good salad with meat there. Tried to get chicken on my salad (I wanted tenderloin but was trying to save money) but they soak all of their chicken in buttermilk, so I went with salmon which was still cheaper than beef. Should’ve done the beef because I was over salmon after having it twice this week already, but it was still yummy. Had a few potatoes too, they are complaint but I still felt like I was cheating. :-\

Down .6 lb. Last night was the first night since starting that I was CRAVING sugar and carbs. It was a Friday night, kid-free, and I wanted dessert and wine soooooo bad. But I held strong and today I’m so happy I did, yay! Today will be tough, because instead of cooking some of my recipes, I have to go to a dance competition so I better go figure out something to take ack!

Perfect soy sauce substitute!!!!

Whole 30 Day 4

Today was an easy day in terms of cravings or hunger, I didn’t even think about food all day. I had a crazy busy day and was running from here to there nonstop. But on the flip side, I did not eat enough and not enough of the right foods.

Breakfast: Bitter coffee. Smoothie with 1 banana, frozen fruit, and unsweetened coconut milk. Let’s talk smoothies for a minute. W30 doesn’t like them. It’s not cheating, because technically they are compliant, but they don’t recommend them. They want you to eat your food, not drink it. And all that fruit, it’s sugar! They are worried it will cause cravings and hunger and stuff, but I promise I’m good! I like a smoothie once a day and it’s not cheating so I’m not giving it up. And hey, they added potatoes to their complaint list a couple of years ago but I refuse to eat them, so it evens out!

Lunch: Still using up that ground turkey, it’s delish! Had it with lots of lettuce and avocado.

No snacks, was too busy and the late lunch held me over. Bad me!

Dinner: Here’s where things get bad. I had fruit and almond butter. Grapes, apples, and blackberries. Bad bad bad.

No weight loss today, exactly the same as yesterday, but it’s ok! Way too much fruit today, not enough protein, not enough food. I’ll eat some almonds right now to help. This was not a good eating day health-wise, but I still ate compliant foods. I’ll do way better tomorrow!

Whole 30 Day 3

My friend told me today that I haven’t been myself the last couple of days, very cranky. I didn’t realize this, but not surprising as my body is having withdrawals from sugar, caffeine, and carbs. I feel good now though! I think!

Today I left the house to volunteer at the elementary school chorus practice juggling 3 drinks- black coffee (still trying), a smoothie, and water bottle. Needless to say, I had to pee a lot. After spin class, I felt great and sore and weak. Came straight home and devoured 1/2 banana, 1/2 apple in almond butter, mmmm my new favorite!!

I was down 2.4 more pounds today. I’m sure that will plateau and that’s ok.

Breakfast: black coffee, smoothie with banana, frozen fruit, and coconut milk

Snack: apple, banana, almond butter

Lunch: Salmon salad at Sedona Taphouse. Had to be annoying and ask the waiter to make sure the salmon was not cooked in butter etc (it was broiled), make sure the cranberries and nuts were not candied (they weren’t, yay), and say hold the feta cheese, the dressing, and the bread, and do you have oil and vinegar (they did). It was AMAZING!

Dinner: A little ground turkey with lettuce and avocado and a few bites of salmon that I made for my daughter (the other kids ate the ground turkey bowls). I was really bummed to see that my hot sauce has sugar in it, so I had to skip it and I’ll be hitting Wegmans to find a better one.

People have asked me what I do for my kids’ meals when I do this diet- for the most part they eat what I make myself (I added black beans and cheese to their ground turkey bowls). If I make a W30 compliant soup, they will eat it but I may add something on the side for them. Sometimes I’ll make them something and I’ll eat something different. Just depends on our schedule and the night. If I haven’t planned well, I end up eating eggs.

I’m still feeling a little tired by afternoon/evening but overall great!!

Beware! Not W30 compliant!
I read online that these are compliant but this goes against the spirit of W30 so I didn’t buy them
Delicious lunch!!

Whole 30 Day 2

I went to bed/sleep at 10:30 last night. That is unheard of with me, I’m a night owl and never go to sleep before midnight, not sure what was going on, body shutting down I guess lol. Well I woke up with my usual excitement for life and coffee, and then groaned and laid back in bed. It’s ok though, I drank some coffee with coconut milk again and it tasted no better, but caffeine yay. I was down 2 pounds today. That is the only W30 rule that I break, I weigh everyday, it’s just my thing and I’m ok when I have days of no loss. So the 2 pounds is obviously just my body going into shock from lack of junk, but I’ll take it for now.

Breakfast: Smoothie with 1 banana, frozen fruit, and coconut milk. (Unlike counting calories or 21 day fix etc, I don’t weigh, measure or count on W30. That’s my favorite part about it!)

Lunch: 2 scrambled eggs with 1/2 avocado and some almonds.

Dinner: 1/2 banana with 1/2 apple and big spoonful of almond butter. Picture below looks gross but it was amazing! I’m going to eat more, but I crammed that down before my spin class and now I’m tired and don’t want to cook for myself. I promise I wont eat this light the whole 30 days, I have all kinds of plans for yummy food. The first couple of days I think my body is still living on previously consumed junk haha. I scoured Pinterest today for recipes and shopped for a few, can’t wait!

Ok, adding that I had more dinner, seasoned ground turkey with avocado, tomato, lettuce, green onions, yum!