Whole 30 Day 23

I fell off the blogging wagon! I’ve been so busy! Last week I was eating really well and still no cheats and FINALLY got down to a total of almost 8 pounds lost.

On Friday, my fiance came into town and we ate at FOODE for dinner and I had the burger on lettuce with no cheese of course. It was so good!!!

Saturday I ate well all day, we went to IKEA and then had a Panera salad for lunch and I LOVE the kiosks where you can add and subtract a million things from your salad, so helpful. Saturday night we went to Miso for his bday and I had sushi, I did cheat and have some soy sauce because I forgot to bring my coconut aminos ack!

Sunday was Mother’s Day and I cheated ugh! I had chicken salad and some banana pudding and some bread, big time cheating. Blah! But it’s MY DAY!

Monday I was back on it wholeheartedly. Smoothie, turkey sausages, spinach. Not going to weigh for a few days though.

Today I haven’t eaten enough but I had a smoothie and grapefruit. Going to round up some dinner now! I definitely am not seeing the same results as my first time around, and I didn’t cheat until this weekend (didn’t cheat AT ALL the last time), but I think I’m older and it’s harder. I may do a second round!


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