Whole 30 Day 23

I fell off the blogging wagon! I’ve been so busy! Last week I was eating really well and still no cheats and FINALLY got down to a total of almost 8 pounds lost.

On Friday, my fiance came into town and we ate at FOODE for dinner and I had the burger on lettuce with no cheese of course. It was so good!!!

Saturday I ate well all day, we went to IKEA and then had a Panera salad for lunch and I LOVE the kiosks where you can add and subtract a million things from your salad, so helpful. Saturday night we went to Miso for his bday and I had sushi, I did cheat and have some soy sauce because I forgot to bring my coconut aminos ack!

Sunday was Mother’s Day and I cheated ugh! I had chicken salad and some banana pudding and some bread, big time cheating. Blah! But it’s MY DAY!

Monday I was back on it wholeheartedly. Smoothie, turkey sausages, spinach. Not going to weigh for a few days though.

Today I haven’t eaten enough but I had a smoothie and grapefruit. Going to round up some dinner now! I definitely am not seeing the same results as my first time around, and I didn’t cheat until this weekend (didn’t cheat AT ALL the last time), but I think I’m older and it’s harder. I may do a second round!


Whole 30 Day 15

Breakfast: coffee, Lara bar before the gym

Lunch: chicken sausages, found some at Costco that have no sugar or bad stuff. Had them with guac, yum! Also a small smoothie, I was starving

Dinner: 2 eggs scrambled with onions and tomatoes plus of course, hot sauce

Snack: Fruit and almond butter

Lost a few ounces, hmmmmmm

Whole 30 Day 13

Today was our community yard sale so I was up early with my bitter coffee. Made a smoothie later and my friend hated it. I think it’s the unsweetened coconut milk that she didn’t like the taste of but I love it!

Lunch: leftover Mexican food, another delicious bowl!

Dinner: out at Sedona Taphouse, I got a steak, brussel sprouts and asparagus and of course questioned the server for cooking details, said no butter, etc.

Been feeling less tired and more energetic! Cleaned out my garage, took stuff to Goodwill, feeling good. No weight loss though but that’s ok for now!

Whole 30 Day 12

Today was my bff Jenn’s dad funeral and I drove an hour away to attend. I knew it would be a hard day for eating but I’d figure it out.

I had a Lara bar on my way there. For lunch, they had tons of yummy food, but I had ALL the veggies. It was hard but not horrible. I did (upon a friend’s recommendation) split a meatball in half and just eat the insides, avoiding the sauce. Desperate times folks.

For dinner, Cinco de Mayo! My neighbors came over and we made taco stuff. I had a bowl with lettuce, grilled chicken, guac, tomatoes, salsa, and hot sauce. It was amazing!! So fresh! The only real challenge for me was not eating chips and salsa, those are my fav!

Whole 30 Day 10

No weight loss or gain today.

Breakfast: yucky coffee and Lara bar again, ugh! Volunteered at school for chorus then straight to the gym so had to cram down something to eat.

Lunch: smoothie (ugh I get stuck in easy habits)

Dinner: at least I’m trying different dinners everyday! I cooked a pork tenderloin all day in slow cooker. Made homemade BBQ sauce (left out the chipotle seasoning, didn’t have it) and made my own coleslaw using coconut oil mayo. Was VERY tangy, next time I’ll do less vinegar. Added some sugar to the kids’. I didn’t mind it though on top of my BBQ, delicious!!

Whole 30 Day 9

Down 6 ounces.

Breakfast: yucky coffee and a Lara bar because I had to take my son to the orthodontist and then go measure walls at the hospital.

Lunch: lazy and made a smoothie

Dinner: kids were gone so I made this recipe with baked sliced sweet potatoes with guac on top and I added hot sauce, so good! Didn’t do the yogurt of course, nor the bacon b/c I don’t have any without sugar right now.